Clip: Final Fantasy XIII Extended Trailer

When I checked my Kotaku email this morning I was nearly buried under the dearth that three weeks away brings. But ,one that seemed to keep coming in repeatedly over the last several hours were reports of an extended FF XIII trailer that was unceremoniously ripped from a DVD that was included in a Japanese Final Fantasy "Cloud" book. Much of this footage was seen at E3 and TGs, but there is some new footage in there as well. As an added bonus, there's an extended FF Versus XIII extended trailer after the jump. The quality on these isn't the best, but I'm sure with a little searching you can dig up some higher quality footage.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in ]


    dang it those major corporations took the video off...we can't watch it anymore. Better buy the Cloud dvd thing then...

    FF Versus XIII FTW!

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