COD4 Is Just $US 39.95 On Amazon

Picture%2016.pngAs part of Amazon's "Video Games 10 days, 10 deals" sale, Call of Duty 4 is deeply discounted for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. On either platform, it's just $US 39.95 to land a copy (and, of course, you get the free shipping on orders over $US 25). While the game has already sold a boatload of discs, many late adopters (OK, maybe just me) will find themselves making a very reasonably priced purchase in the very near future. Wait...since when is $US 40 "reasonable"? Oh my god, we've been brainwashed!

[Amazon PS3 and Amazon 360]Thanks Mike!


    So around AUD$45?

    What a joke..

    Hi, all you americans who claim a $40 game is too expensive. The game is DOUBLE that price in australia. Your games are so ridiculuosly cheap compared to the rest of the world, you need to realise this.

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