Codemasters Going After Game "Pirates"

rraawwrr.jpgCodemasters are sick to death of people in the UK pirating and distributing their games. Their logic being that's money they're missing out on. So they've hired London-based rights lawyers Davenport Lyons to go after anyone and everyone they can find illegally distributing, and receiving, pirated Codemasters titles. Thing is, Davenport Lyons don't actually do the hunting. Swiss firm Logistep are responsible for that. They employ P2P-tracking software which they claim is "fully accurate", and anyone their software finds to be involved in shady business, Davenport Lyons go after.

But really, can this kind of software be "fully accurate"? Course it can't. Consequently, people are complaining of receiving letters threatening legal action and accusing them of software piracy, despite the accusatory letter providing "facts" such as claiming a single home PC had downloaded the same game five times using five different IPs. Oops. If you're going to overreact, Codemasters, you could at least make sure the goons you hire use better gear.

Codemasters sets legal dogs on file-sharers [The Register][Image]


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