Colorado to Kansas

To: Luke
From: Crecente
Re: Pumpkin Soup

We left this afternoon for South Georgia. The total drive will take us about 24 hours, we decided to cut down on the two days of driving by picking Tristan up a bit early from school this afternoon and driving about four hours to Kansas. The van is packed. Like pack, packed. In fact, I bought a luggage holder for the roof and that's packed with presents. I spent most of this short leg of the trip getting comfortable, blogging and checking in on the rest of the family.

Trish has always volunteered to drive when we do our road trips, to let me blog from the road. Very sweet of her. I actually love driving, but blogging and driving at the same time probably isn't a good idea. Man, the drive from Denver to the middle of Kansas is flat and brown this time of years, just lots of rolling hills and plenty of dead grass. It's still pretty in its own way. Every time I hit the road, from the when I was 16 and drove across country by myself to these family trips, I always end up thinking about Jack Kerouac's America and how drastically its changed.

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