Coventry University Takes "Mobile Campus" To New Heights

coventry.jpg In the past couple of months, there's been lots of 'news' regarding colleges and businesses making a (somewhat) mad dash for virtual spaces in the hopes of upping enrollments, offering virtual tours, and perhaps making that Biology 101 class a little less boring. Coventry University in the UK is taking the virtual model and running with it, sans Second Life - I have to admit the idea of some sort of virtual doctoral coursework makes my blood run cold, but I've got to give them credit for trying to be ambitious:

The university wanted to help give its Serious Games Institute (SGI) a technology platform on which to build a digital model of the campus building, so that students' movements in both the real building and its virtual reconstruction trigger location based access to learning content and experiences. This means that content can be pushed to students by the most suitable method for their location and the device they are using.

The solution uses Cisco wireless location services to track real-world positions and movements integrated within the Giunti Labs learn eXact® learning content management system. The Giunti Labs software also allows any form of digital learning content to be repurposed 'on the fly' for use either in the virtual SGI environment or via any device connected to the Coventry University Cisco wired and wireless networks.

And there's more, naturally - while I've no doubt some people would find all this stuff useful, I'll take my in-person seminars and not having bleeding eyes from trying to do everything via mobile device.

Coventry University creates a unique mobile learning environment in its Serious Games Institute [Click Press]


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