Criterion Responds To Burnout Paradise Criticism

burnout_paradise_demo.jpgAlex Ward and, by association, The Burnout Team have written a rather grumbly Christmas card to fans who have found one too many things to complain about in the demo version of Burnout Paradise. There are plenty of instances of Ward SHOUTING ACROSS THE INTERNET IN ALL CAPS in response to whining and plenty what could be interpreted as defending the team's design decisions. Those decisions make Paradise a different experience from Burnout Revenge, but not, as Ward suggests, a clone of Test Drive Unlimited, to which the game is drawing comparisons.

Ward assures concerned fans that "Burnout has always and will always be about evolution. We're quite open about this, and we've said it many times and in many interviews so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone really. Just because we do something in one game never means it may or will come back in another." The full, surprisingly frank rant is worth the read.



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