Crysis and UT3 Suffer Rough November Launches

Crysis and UT3 Suffer Rough November Launches

ut3_pc_dvd_fob.jpgCrysis and UT3—both hugely anticipated PC titles—didn’t see much success in November. Crysis moved just 86,633 copies (admittedly topping the 68,600 that were predicted) over 18 days. Unreal Tournament 3 fared even worse, selling just 33,995 copies (way short of the 70,600 that were predicted) over 12 days.

While both of these games are likely to have followings for years to come, we can’t help but to wonder if Crysis’ “this game will melt your antiquated Earth computer” philosophy hurt its initial sales. As for UT3, not that many buyers could have been holding out for the PS3 version…so it’s shocking to see the game have such a mediocre launch.

Crysis and UT3 show disappointing November sales volume


  • Only because everyone has to save the coin to upgrade their machines to handle these suckers.

    I won’t be buying mine until late January due to upgrade costs, not to mention Christmas….

  • Yeah I’m pretty much in the same boat and I can’t justify buying a new game until I get bored with the ones that are keeping me busy all the time (I’m looking at you TF2).

  • UT3 just doesn’t have enough new features to warrant a purchase in my opinion. It has even less then UT004 in terms of gaming features…

    I love UT, but they needed a bit more then pretty graphics and a hoverboard to revive the ut community.

  • I’m with the other guys, on all counts.

    My PC just won’t handle Crysis, and it barely runs UT3 – With a 7600GT video card, Dual core, and 4GB of RAM, I don’t have a slouch of a machine (although not brand spanking either), and I just can’t lay out the cash for the upgrade 🙁

    That and I have plenty of other games on the 360 to play…

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