Czech Children Learn About Dreamcast Console

dreamcast-czech-domination-1.jpg Even though SEGA isn't producing the Dreamcast anymore, the console lives on. Heck, tiny Japanese hobby developers still make shooters for it. The DC's legacy continues in our hearts, minds and Czech children's books. Over at UK:RESISTANCE, a reader writes:

Hello from Czech republic. I like to read UKR so I decided to send you pics from book I found in niece's hands. It shows many common life things include electronics in form of drawn pictures. The author of book had to be very distinguished as Dreamcast was choosed as example of true video game system (and not the Sony crap) which should be recognised by kids

The Mac clearly dates the book, but still. There's a generation of Czech kids who equate the Dreamcast with a video game console. Think about that!

Dreamcast was commonplace [UK:R]


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