Dark Messiah: Elements Demo Casts Spell On 360

dmommelements.jpgPC action RPG Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is coming to the Xbox 360 in case you missed it, and today Ubisoft has unleashed a demo for the game onto Xbox Live for your playing pleasure. The demo not only features the first map of the single player mode, playable as either a Mage or a Knight, but also a multiplayer map that allows players everywhere to get a taste of multiplayer RPG combat across all four player classes. The demo runs something like 689 megs, and is currently downloading to my console in the other room. Looking forward to the promise of Dark Messiah (hopefully) without the general bugginess of its PC predecessor, which was one of the only games I ever just gave up on playing due to glitches. Also be sure to check out the newly launched www.darkmessiahelements.com for the latest game info and flash-animated flame effects. Awesome!


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 21st December 2007 - Ubisoft kicks off the countdown to the release of Dark Messiah™ of Might and Magic®: Elements with the launch of the game's official website www.darkmessiahelements.com.

The Dark Messiah™ of Might and Magic®: Elements official website will be the top destination for gamers to access the most up-to-date information on Sareth's quest adapted to Xbox 360. Visitors will learn more about the storyline, and key features of the game, and get the most up-to-date content and assets about the game.

Ubisoft is also proud to announce that the official playable demo of Dark Messiah™ of Might and Magic®: Elements is now available on Market Place.

The demo includes two maps where players can discover the first map of the singleplayer mode and choose to be whether a Knight or a Mage, with their different skills. A multiplayer map allows the players to choose between any of the four available classes for their heroes and to challenge other players in Deathmatch, Blitz mode or earn their spurs through Training mode.

Developed by Ubisoft Annecy, Dark Messiah™ of Might and Magic®: Elements will launch on Xbox 360 on 10th January, 2008.


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