Day Of The Ninja Silently Kills You

thinkninja.jpgIt's December 5th, and if you don't know what that means you may already be dead and just not know it. The Annual Day of the Ninja (or alternately "Die Like A Pirate Day") tends to sneak up on you, whispering "boo" into your ear, only you just hear the very beginning of the "b" sound, your imagination filling in the rest as you slide lifelessly to the floor. Fun!

Today is a fine day to whip out your favourite ninja-themed video game, throw it in deadly frisbee fashion into your game machine of choice, and harness the very power of the wind to power on your console, playing all day whilst steadfastly refusing to remove the black T-shirt from around your head, even to eat. Whether you prefer the hack and slash frenzy of Ninja Gaiden, the more whimsical adventures of I-Ninja or Goemon, the stealth action of Tenchu or even the complete and total suckage of Red Ninja, this day is for you. Actually, admitting you like Red Ninja pretty much signs your death order, but you know, have fun!

December 5 - Annual Day of the Ninja [Official Page]


    Actually, it was December 5th *yesterday.* Do try to keep up.

    Incidentally, I always end up missing days like Talk Like A Pirate Day or Day Of The Ninja or Pi Day because all the news sites I read announce it a day late. Oh well.

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