Dead Space Looks Deadly, Spacey

deadspace123.jpgI have high hopes for EA's Dead Space, because space-based horror films rock. I don't know what happened to Luke as a child that he didn't like Event Horizon, but it was an excellent example of how outer space and horror can be brilliantly mixed. Look at the Alien series. Look Hellraiser: Bloodline? Jason X? Leprechaun IV - Leprechaun In Space? There was this really great episode of Doctor Who from the first season of the new series where the Doctor faces Satan in outer space. That was pretty good. *drums fingers on the table, thinking* Okay, so making good space horror is hard, but EA seems to be off to a good start. As long as they can keep the music in check and highlight the silence and isolated feeling of being stranded in space, they could very well pull an Event Horizon out of their airlock. If not, then "As Shakespeare said, shit happens. "


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