Dell Unveils WoW-Themed XPS Laptops

blizzxps.jpgBlizzard seems to be getting into bed with everyone these days. First comes news that they have mind-melded with Activision to be come Blizzivision or Actizard, and now comes news of this pretty spanky new World of Warcraft-themed Dell laptop.

And this isn't just any laptop with WoW images slapped on it, this is a hulking XPS M1730 Dell Laptop with WoW images on it. Hit the jump for all the details on the $US 4,500 laptop released just seconds ago. The laptop officially launches on Dec. 11. blizzxpsback.jpg

The XPS M1730 World of Warcraft edition laptop will come in either Horde or Alliance packs featuring original artwork on the desktop backgrounds, screen savers and the case itself.

Each system will come with a World of Warcraft backpack packed with all kinds of WoW goodies including: WoW & Burning Crusade in retail boxes Strategy Guides Behind the Scenes, "The Making of WoW" DVD WoW & Burning Crusade Paperback Novels WoW Audio Soundtrack Customers will also receive a Quest Envelope which includes surprise items from Dell & Blizzard (ships separate from system). Items include: Blizzard beta key card w/ five keys used to access future WoW games An upgrade certificate which allows customers to upgrade their accounts to a "Collectors Edition Account" enabling them to get a special in-game pet Golden Ticket which allows customers to get a pre-paid special custom action figure based on their own in-game WoW character.

Besides the fancy backpack of goodies and the neato WoW art, the laptop is still an M1730 on the inside, which is a very good thing. Here's just a taste of the slick laptop's specs:

o DX10 SLI graphics o World's first & only notebook available w/ an Ageia mobile PhysX processor o Over-clockable Extreme Edition Core 2 Duo processors o Dual RAID 0 7200 RPM HDDs - or 64GB Solid State Drive options o 7ms display response time o Full-size illuminated keyboard w/ separate numeric keypad o 16-color user-customisable lighting areas including the backlit touchpad o Wireless connectivity w/ built-in Mobile Broadband, Wireless-N, Bluetooth and Dell's Wi-Fi catcher o Blu-ray optional o Built-in camera & digital array microphones o Built-in Logitech GamePanel above keyboard (first in the industry on a notebook)

I've actually been playing around with a loaner M1730 for a month now and while it's heavy as hell, it's also the most robust gaming laptop I've ever seen.



    Do they still sell this ??? Like with the Full package?? The Games Books Game Guids T shirts and everything???

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