Details Of The Bruckheimer, MTV Deal (ie MTV Are Gunning For Activision & EA)

jbmtv.jpgOK, so we've got some more details on the Jerry Bruckheimer/MTV deal:

- The new, as of yet unnamed studio will be co-owned by MTV and Bruckheimer. MTV will own the IP of all titles produced, and they'll also be acting as publishers, while Bruckheimer's name is due to appear "prominently" on all games the studio produces.

- They're not clear on which platforms/genres they're going to be focusing on, but "they may work on virtual worlds and casual, downloadable games as well as major console releases".

- Bruckheimer is expected to make use of his TV/film contacts for the studio, telling Variety: "When I moved to TV, I got people from features to join, and I plan to rely on the same talent pool and marry them with the gaming community".

In addition, MTV's Stephen Totilo got the chance to speak with MTV's Jeff Yapp about the deal. Yapp says that what Bruckheimer knows or doesn't know about games was irrelevant to MTV: it was his skills and experience in telling a story that were important. Yapp also mentions that while Bruckheimer may have a reputation for making "dude movies", that's not necessarily the direction his games will take, as "they'd be stupid" to not make games that appeal to both men and women.

It's a big move for MTV, who are a relative newcomer to the gaming business. Does Rock Band, and now this, mean they're looking at becoming a serious player in the gaming business? Sure does:

MTV: So eventually a player out there to contend with the Activisions and the EAs?

Yapp: I already think we are. [laughs]How's that for arrogance? We think we got a great team. Our first step was amazing with Harmonix. But we think when you've married MTV and gaming with a connection to the audience, I think that's a really powerful combination.

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