Deus Ex 3 Is *Years* Away

waiting2.jpgYou excited about Deus Ex 3? I am. Makes it easier to forget the "sequel"! But while it's exciting to know the game's confirmed and is being worked on as you breathe, it's less exciting to onsider how long you'll be waiting to get your hands on the game. Speaking with 1UP, Eidos Montreal general manager Stephane D'Astous has said it'll take at least 24 months to get the thing finished. Which means you won't see it until at least late 2009. Do try and keep busy between now and then, because a watched pot never boils.

What's the Deal with Deus Ex 3? [1UP][Image]


    Yuck. This is why they shouldn't announce games until about three months before they're released. o_O

    oh yeah that sucks. Defiinetly agree with the abov e poster.

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