Did We Give Kane & Lynch 5 Stars?

klreviewus.jpgWith review integrity in crisis, who can you trust? Not those score whores at Kotaku, that's for sure. Not only did they give Kane & Lynch a glowing endorsement (read: "Kane & Lynch makes Grand Theft Auto look like the cartoon it is") in their exclusive review, they went and gave it a perfect five star rating! Or, least Eidos seem to think so. For those curious, the quote actually comes from Joel's hands-on time with the game at E3. In July. Where no stars were handed out. Not even one. Oh Eidos.


    This is just getting ridiculous.
    Did they really think no-one would notice?
    Stick it up em Kotaku.

    hehe they can't even clean up their cut'n'paste job either...

    "&" indeed

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