Ding In The Holidays With WoW Xmas Ornamentation

wow_khorium.jpgLooking for something special and especially dorky for the World of Warcraft junkie in your life? With this last-minute addition to the holiday gift guide, you can establish Christmas tree nerd cred with Paul Pape Design's Khorium Ore-naments, a sculpted recreation of the rare spawn mineral deposit from Blizzard's sort of successful MMO.

They're quite tiny, measuring 2" by 3.25", and feature real Swarovski crystals. A Khorium Ore-nament will set you back $US 9.95 for one, $US 24.95 for three. Quite an adorable little spawn, isn't it?

Khorium Ore-naments [Paul Pape Designs via Wonderland]


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