Do We Really Need A Wireless Wii Nunchuk?

wirelessnunchuk.jpgNyko think we do, because they're releasing a wireless nunchuk controller and adaptor for the Wii Remote, which will be publicly unveiled at CES next month. It'll work by plugging a small receiver into the Wii Remote's nunchuk port, and the nunchuk itself will come with its own power button and status light. In terms of design they've just copied, literally, the shape and layout of Nintendo's version, the only changes being clear buttons and the aforementioned power button and light. Stuff like price and a release date will be announced at CES, so you can spend the intervening days asking yourself some tough questions, like why you can't just put up with a little strip of white cord instead of pining after yet another gimmick that'll need its batteries changed every week.

Nyko Reveals Wireless Wii Nunchuck [IGN]


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