Dojo Dump: Fine Tooth Comb Edition

wario_man.jpgThis week's Dojo Dump reads more like an instruction manual than anything else, so a pair of NES era remixes adds some nice welcome variety. I have to admit that I remember almost nothing from Zelda II, and hearing the Temple theme mix didn't help dust off any cobwebs. It really is a bit insane how much stuff the gang at Nintendo have packed into Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as the number of options available are approaching staggering. Of personal interest is hilarious detail on my favourite Nintendo character, Wario, and his amazing Final Smash. Don't miss it.

The Dojo Dump is right after this (and by this I mean that ->).Monday: Want some info on Controls? How about every nitpicking detail? The Dojo explains. Tuesday: The original Donkey Kong theme gets a remix. They've turned a itty bitty jingle into a real jam. Widescreen Support is also highlighted for those rockin' 16:9. Wednesday: Wario's Final Smash is revealed. He's... Wario Man!! Thursday: Events are back. This single player mode adds some fun situations. Friday: Stages from Super Smash Bros. Melee return. There's even a bonus remix of Zelda II: Adventure of Link's temple theme.


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