Dojo Dump: Pokemon X

weboffet.jpgOne has to wonder if Sakurai and team are growing tired, at this point, of providing daily updates to the Smash Bros. Dojo. The game was supposed to have been released by now and there's seemingly little left to be revealed. Most of the characters have had their move sets, specials and Final Smashes detailed and we haven't had a new character reveal since the middle of October. They're troopers, though, and soldier on through another work week of what's new in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. We're given another week of nitty-gritty details, with a gaggle of Pokemon, more online gameplay specifics and even some X. What's X? The answer, and hints about more hidden characters, lies beneath.

On with the Dojo Dump!Monday: Pointers on how to create a Friend List, via Friend Codes, natch, are added. Tuesday: A list of ten Returning Pokemon makes for a colorful update. Wednesday: Music from X, a Japan-only Game Boy game, and the rather fluffy Battle for the Smash Ball gives humpday something to hump about. Thursday: King Dedede's Final Smash is nothing short of a Waddle Dee infestation. Sickening. Friday: No friends? You can play With Anyone, in this case, in Basic Brawl mode.

Friday's update also mentions more, as yet unrevealed, hidden characters being available through the single-player Adventure Mode. The Dojo team worries that those who play in online mode will have things spoiled for them. Perhaps Nintendo still have a few more veterans and newcomers left to reveal...


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