Dojo Dump: Super Sonic Racing

sonic_final_smash.jpgWe're going to start with the bad news. There will be no updates to the Smash Bros. Dojo next week and, in turn, no Dojo Dump next Friday. The lazy bums at Nintendo are taking a week off to rest comfortably in hammocks or possibly scrounge up fresh content from Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the official site. At least this week contains some gems, some of which we've already covered. We get a fresh look at personal favorite Wario and a healthy dose of Sonic the Hedgehog, who I wouldn't mind never hearing from again. The rest? Well, it's mostly filler. On with the Dump!

Monday: Take a look Wario's overalls. You might prefer these over his WarioWare biker duds.
Tuesday: Sonic's Final Smash makes him into a golden god. For more of the hedgehog, listen to the Angel Island Zone theme remix.
Wednesday: Collection obsessives will want to learn more about Trophy Stands and how they're used.
Thursday: Looking to earn more trophies (and stickers)? You'll have to try your luck at Coin Launcher a simple shooting game.
Friday: The Dragoon item is detailed as is info on how to Share your data with Smash Bros. Friends. Good times.

We'll see you in a fortnight!


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