Dojo Dump: Your Lovely Assistants

waluigi_stafy.jpgThis week's additions to the Smash Bros. Dojo show that there is still some fresh content kicking around the Super Smash Bros. Brawl warehouse. A pair of new Assist Trophies were revealed this week, as was another Pokémon, and a confirmed stage from Mario Kart helped in breaking up the rather jejune updates involving menu screens. It may be an unpopular choice with some, but this associate editor certainly won't shed any tears over Waluigi's second string appearance in the Wii brawler.

I'm going to change into my casual cardigan and sneakers before we do this week's Dojo Dump. Won't you join me?Monday: Bonsly, the sturdy bonsai tree doppleganger from Pokémon gets the once over. Too cute. Tuesday: Have more than four players in the room? Help solve disputes with who's got next via the Rotation feature. Wednesday: Music from the NES action game Ice Climber is added for your previewing pleasure. Options, including a welcome BGM test, are listed in detail. Thursday: The Mario Circuit stage is officially shown off. It's very shy guy friendly. Friday: New assist trophies Waluigi and Stafy are revealed. You don't know Stafy? Get thee to an importer, posthaste!


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