Don't Panic, Sony's Afrika Is Still In Development

afrikarhino.jpgAfrika sure looks nice! Pity we haven't heard a thing about the game for, oh, nearly nine months now. And even then have no idea what the game's about, or what you're supposed to do in it. So if you're of the feeling the project's either vapourware or has been canned, it's OK, that's totally understandable. Understandable, but wrong, because composer Wataru Hokoyama has just been tapped to lead a 104-piece orchestra in scoring the game. No, we haven't heard of him either (seems he's worked with 30 Seconds to Mars, Joss Whedon and on a bunch of short films), but since we've heard next to nothing of the game either that would make the two a perfect fit.

Sony's Afrika Still Alive, Enlists Composer [1UP]


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