Don't Tell Crecente The Babysitter's Dead

To: Ash From: Fahey Re: American Santa Doesn't Bring Ultraman Toys

He's coming home! He's on his way! Ash! You grab the mop and the scrub brush and get to work in the conference room! I told you the chocolate fountain was a bad idea, but did you listen? No! Luke! We're going to need about 15 *pauses, looks about* make that 20 large black trash bags. Go for the name brand. Super-ply. We don't want any bones sticking out when we carry them to the curb. McWhertor, Wilson and I have been busy all day crazy-gluing together the plates, scrubbing the blood stains out of the carpet, and lighting a ton of incense. Make sure you guys leave all the windows open overnight. That man has the nose of a hawk!

Now is not the time to argue over which animal has the best sense of smell! Yes, I know snakes smell with their tongues Luke, that's lovely and all, but stay on task! If we don't get this place cleaned up in time for Crecente's return, we're grounded for sure!

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