Dr. Phil Supports MMO, Scolds Parent

drphilthere.jpgWhile television personality and actor Dr. Phil has come out against violent video games and their influence on children in the past, in a show that aired Monday entitled "Shocking Teen Trends", the good doctor actually comes out on the side of social MMO There.com. After questioning 13-year-old Lexie and her mother Lezlie (awww, their names are so kyoot!) about Lexie's There.com addiction and speaking to There.com CEO Michael Wilson, Dr. Phil actually jumps to a reasonable, well thought-out conclusion.

"The problem is not with the game; the problem is the use of it," Dr. Phil tells Lexie and Lezlie. "The game is very creative and it's there for you to use or abuse. Are you abusing it?"

Lexie, who spends almost every waking hour at the computer making out with her virtual boyfriend, admits that she is. Personal accountability? What are we teaching children in school these days?Dr. Phil then takes things even further, stepping into downright crazy talk by suggesting that the mother actually stop the child from playing the video game she's so worried about.

Dr. Phil is baffled. "Four hours a day? It's ridiculous!" he says. "Mom, you've got to step up and shut this down. Once she's at a point where she can play the game instead of being absorbed in the game, then perhaps, she can attempt to go back to it."

I am positively reeling here. Not blaming the game for the child's addiction? Telling the mother that the solution to her problem is entirely in her hands? I've been teleported to Bizarro world.

Shocking Teen Trends [Dr.Phil.com]


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