Dream Of Mirror Online Launches Open Beta

domoscreenshot.jpgFrom closed beta to open beta in just over two weeks! Aeria Games has just announced that the open beta for Dream of Mirror Online, the cutesy social MMO where you can chose to kill monsters or love on them, making them your pets. Characters can form special bonds with other players, screw around with the six crafting disciplines, feed and care for their pets, or just kill, kill, kill to their hearts content.

I spent some time in the closed beta for the game, and while it is sort of simplistic, it is also absolutely adorable, and randomly humorous. Take the introduction to screenshots, where they have you pose with an NPC while you take snapshots like the one at the top of this article. Yes, my character is a girl. A kitty girl, dammit. Hit the link below to check it out for yourself!

Dream of Mirror Online Website [Aeria Games]


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