Dreamcast 2 Remains A Dream

dreamcastsadness.jpgYesterday we reported on rumours swirling about regarding the possibility of a Dreamcast 2 somewhere in Sega's future, sparked by a recently updated trademark application. From there it really just became a race to see who Sega would respond to first with a statement. Sega of America PR Director Charlie Scibetta spoke to GameDaily for the win!

"We're very happy being a platform agnostic company and have moved up the ranks the past three years from #11, to #9, and now stand at #6 in terms of our market share by units among third-party publishers. We like our current strategy and have no plans to change in the middle of this outstanding growth."

Scibetta said he would look into why the trademark was being updated and then went back to ordering giant "We're Number 6!" foam hands for his team. Sorry Dreamcast fans. I share your disappointment. You know what we need? A Dreamcast cake. Updated Dreamcast Trademark Sparks 'Dreamcast 2' Rumor [GameDaily]


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