Drumshhh Makes Silencing Rock Band Drums Easy

smallblack_set.jpgWe've been doing our best to keep the Kotaku readership up to date with the latest and greatest developments in Rock Band drums silencing technologies. First we told you about a hack that used foam and felt head toppers. And then a reader called our bluff and tested it. The idea worked great, but it required, you know, unlaziness.

Now a new company is selling Drumshhh pads specifically for Rock Band drums. Self-adhesive tops comprised of the same foam/felt concoction we've seen others test, Drumshhh pads are ready to stick on your drums out of the box and claim to reduce ambient drum noise by 50%. Plus, they come in four different styles for those looking to sexify their peripherals a bit. We're not sure about what the price will be at this time, but if it's under $US 10, we'd give it a try.

Drumshhh [via ironicgamer]


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