DS Lite or PSP - Which Does Japan Want?

dslitecraziness.jpg The holidays are coming up fast, and people need to think about presents! So, people of Japan, which portable game machine do you want: PSP or DS Lite? A year ago, it was really hard to get the DS Lite in Japan. So hard that DS Lites had to be re-imported from America to meet the demand. But now, things have cooled off considerably. The PSP has experienced an upsurge of late thanks to a much overdue redesign. So which one do most Japanese folks want? Cross Marketing poled 300 people to find out. Know: 20 percent were in their teens, 20 percent in their twenties, 20 percent in their thirties, 20 percent in their forties and 20 percent in their fifties. The results:

Nintendo DS 6.7% Nintendo DS Lite 23.3% PSP 22.3% Other 1.7% Don't want any 46.0%

Adding the regular DS and the Lite gives Nintendo a more sizable lead over Sony. Still nothing like the craziness of last year! Though, impressive showing for the PSP. There is one rational explanation for this dip in demand, you know: Everyone already has a DS. PSP Challenging [What Japan Thinks][Image]


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