Duke Nukem Forever Trailer Hits Tomorrow

DNF_Teaser_Shot.jpgThis just in from George Broussard over on the 3D Realms Forums:

"Last Saturday we had our annual company Christmas party. It was a lot of fun as usual but it featured one special surprise. It turns out that several people had been secretly working late nights and into the wee hours of the morning preparing a special video for those at the party. They created a short teaser for Duke Nukem Forever.

After seeing the teaser we thought it was something we should share with all of you and while it's just a teaser, rest assured more is coming.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th, around noon CST, we will release the first teaser trailer from Duke Nukem Forever. To tide you over until then, here is a screen shot taken from the teaser.

Thank you for being fans of the game and for your continued patience.

I'd like to thank the people on the team that worked so hard to create this teaser and the friends of 3DR that helped create it (Jeremy Soule and Julian Soule, Frank Bry, Jason Evigan and of course, Jon St. John)."

That's right, it's the end of times. Now translating that from 3D Realms Central Time that means we should be checking out the video around 2 p.m. Mountain, 2027.

Teaser Video Coming 12/19/07, Noon CST [3D Realms Forums, thanks Caine36]


    The saviour has returned! If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendour of Duke Nukem.

    Repent! Repent! The end is upon us! Repent!

    Oh, and Come Get Some ;)

    Reminds me of ron perlman for some reason, which is a good thing. bad ass.

    dear god... has hell frozen over????

    i'm waiting with baited breath to see this trailer.

    Call me when it's released.

    I think I'll have to go and buy some gum to celebrate... BUT I'M ALL OUT!

    We had a teaser trailer nearly 10 years ago people. Then one two years ago, then one last year. Do you really think this game will ever be released? Don't get your hopes up. It's a money pit.

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