Dungeon Siege Movie Poster Makes Leelee Sobieski :(

Dungeon Siege Movie Poster Makes Leelee Sobieski :(

siegeposter.jpgHey, look, it’s the poster to Uwe Boll’s silver screen adaptation of the Dungeon Siege universe! Doesn’t Jason Statham look determined to break free from his B-grade action star pigeon-hole? Doesn’t Lelee Sobieski look thrilled to be involved in the project? You bet she does! Only criticism I can think of: needs more Burt Reynolds.

New Dungeon Siege Poster [Movies Online, via 1UP]


  • Hi folks! I actually saw this movie a week ago, and hell it was fun! – really! Jason Statham kicks some real good a.. there are even some funny scenes and by that I mean real funny not Boll bad funny. There are some moments in the movie when you feel that it has been cut down to 2 hours playing time, so it will be interesting to see the DVD uncut version. What is a downside though is Jasons role shows only revenge as the driving emotion. Burt Reynolds as the King was great as was his wizard whose acting was even better (due to his role ) than in LOTR. So to sum it up with 60 million at hands even Boll makes a decent movie, I think though. on a scala 1-10 I would give it a 7.

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