EA: Black Friday Completed Console Transition

blackfridayRhs.jpgEA chief exec John Riccitiello has been talking a lot to Reuters lately. But we couldn't pass up posting a little more on Riccitello as he reflects on the transition to the newest generation of consoles, and claiming that Black Friday sealed the deal on the new market.

"It's been the longest, hardest transition in the history of the industry...Last Friday marked one of those points where you can say something's changed...Around the world, based on the data I've got, it was pretty clear that the transition is now over.

What about Sony?

It looked like it might have been a two-horse race, but it's clearly a three-horse race...I think from this point, pleasantly for me, it's sort of fat city in the game industry.

And they love horses in fat city. Surprisingly good eating, apparently.

Video game industry has turned corner: EA [via gamesradar][image]


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