EA Not Worried About Casual Game Reviews

hikathy2.jpgEA Casual president Kathy Vrabeck is amused by casual game reviews. She's not concerned over low scores or scathing write ups. And she's not afraid to not so subtly implies that reviewers are wasting their time with casual reviews completely:

I get less concerned about game reviews because the casual gamers don't read any of those things... They're not swayed by a low score on IGN or a low score out of one of these gaming sites.

It's a little bit amusing, in that it's people reviewing games against measures that are important to core gamers yet are not important to casual gamers...The concept of a one-size-fits-all evaluation tool isn't as relevant...The measurement [of a game's appeal]for women aged 25 to 34 would more likely be whether or not they'd hang up on their girlfriend to play this game. "Would you hang up a phone conversation for this game?" That'd probably be a truer measure for that target audience.

Good. I'm glad to see that EA hasn't let the casual gaming audience—or women—fall into some sort of stereotype.

But the fact is, Vrabeck probably isn't all that far off the mark. And I'd expect casual games to be influenced far more by peer review, quick star feedback systems and one-liners at the place of purchase, than some gaming site exclusive.

EA Casual and the Problem with Reviews [nextgen]


    IGN sucks, they bagged assassins creed if you are going to take any reviews read gamespot, even though they are biased they can be slightly honest take the firing over kane and lynch as a example...

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