EA Ready For Blizzivision Brawl

36dfd6d11323edci3.jpg Electronic Arts has some stiff competition with the Activision Blizzard merger. EA is totally not afraid of Blizzivision. EA welcomes this competition. It doesn't matter if Activision already surpassed EA way back in July as the numero uno third party publisher and that this is just a nail in the proverbial coffin. Nor does it matter that Activision has the World of Warcraft as an IP, Electronic Art is so ready. EA is a fighter. Just listen to this EA rep, who writes:

We're always at our best when we have a clearly defined competitor... [The merger]doesn't change our strategy. Our CEO John Riccitiello has been encouraging senior managers to think of all other publishers as one large competitor — he's been encouraging them to think like challengers.

But wasn't EA already the challenger before the merger? EA's Challenger [Next-Gen via CVG]


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