"Easy To Move To The 360"

DSCF9578.JPG Once upon a time, Devil May Cry 4 was a PS3 exclusive. Now, it's not. Capcom is putting it on the PS3, the Xbox 360, PCs and cereal boxes if it could. But was it hard to move what was once a PS3 exclusive over to the 360? Nope! It was simple. DMC4 Hiroyuki Kobayashi explains:

It [the engine]is not a 360 engine. It's not an engine for the 360. It's the internal engine that we use at Capcom for next generation machines called the MT Framework [note: MT stands for multi-target] . That actually runs on PC. As you know, we did originally plan to have this title just on PS3, but actually the development was done on a PC, not on a particular console. So because it's all done on the PC... it makes it very easy to move it put it on the 360 and use the power of that machine, or to put it on the PS3 and use the power of that machine, each in different ways. It's really pretty easy to do it, developing it from this PC base.

It so easy that we really doubt we'll see Capcom exclusives outside of Wii and DS games. Porting those ain't so easy!

Sympathy for the Devil [Level Up]


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