Emmet Otter's Rock Band Christmas

emmettotter.jpgSit down children, and I'll tell you a tale of Christmas joy and wonder for all the ages. Now as some of you are aware, Uncle Fahey has been living with a girl for awhile, and while at one time said girl and he shared a room, over the past few months they'd come to the realization that they weren't right for room-sharing, slipping into a more room-matey sort of situation. Just recently the more female of the pair started seeing a new feller, and while that was all fine and good for Uncle Fahey, it was still a little awkward, if you know what I mean. Any house needs rules you know, and one of the house rules currently in effect was no new friends hanging about the apartment, but come Christmas Eve ol' Fahey's heart was just a few sizes larger than normal and he decided it was okay for the new feller to stop in for a few. Turns out this new boy was a gamer who was lookin' to borrow an Xbox 360 controller so he could play some games with his Pa on Christmas Day.

Then he saw old Uncle Fahey's Rock Band setup.

Needless to say the poor boy was smitten with the multiple guitar controllers strewn across the livin' room, and the drum set received more than a few tentative taps as Uncle Fahey sat in his thrift store recliner and talked about the merits of the various systems. Finally even he was overtaken by the urge to hammer out a few songs with a capable cohort, and soon the apartment filled with the sounds of Weezer, Bon Jovi, and The Ramones.

One more song became one more song and then another more song as Uncle Fahey's roommate sat fuming on the couch, watching helplessly as boy-friends old and new formed an alliance of rock that lasted til midnight, which is incidentally when the liqueur stores in Georgia close. See the roommate had planned on securing some spirits and spending a few hours with her new friend over at his house, but it turns out they rocked too long, too hard.

As the new boy headed off into the night to spend some time with his new Xbox 360 owner of a father, Uncle Fahey found himself on the receiving end of some of the dirtiest looks he's ever gotten from his once companion, and while he felt a little bad for ruining her evening plans, it wasn't him who done stole her boyfriend for the evening. It was the sweet lure of Rock Band. It just gets under your skin like that. It has power. Power to change someone Fahey didn't quite care for into a comrade in rock, and that's a bond almost closer than kin.

So remember this next time you kids find yourselves in an uncomfortable situation. Rock Band is an excellent ice breaker in all sorts of situations, and no matter how amicable the situation might be, pissing off an ex is always just a little bit satisfying.

Image courtesy of the Muppet Wiki


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