Euro Create-A-Folk Winner Revealed

folfloremalion.jpgBack in October the winner of the US Create-A-Folk contest was revealed, and quite frankly my first thought was "meh" and my second thought was "I wonder if my roommate finished my Captain Crunch." She did, and I was doubly disappointed, but now the winner of the European Create-A-Folk contest has been announced, and there is redemption all around.

The Malion (Spore Lion) runs circles around the enemy whilst creating an intoxicating spore cloud from its tail and thorny mane. When the prey is dazed The Malion jumps in for the kill. The tail and claws are primary attacks, but this Folk is highly poisonous... wear protective gloves! The Malion fears fire.

The winning entry was created by a Jeff Read from the UK, which certainly narrows it down. His creation will eventually be downloadable via the PSN for all to enjoy, and Jeff also scored a goody bag and a copy of the game in which he can enjoy his creation. Head over to to get a look at the other entries, whilst I head to the pantry to dine on the Captain Crunch that has almost certainly triumphantly materialised there.


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