European Super Smash Bros. Brawl This Summer?

ouchssbb.jpgWell this certainly explains why the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Brawl didn't show up on the European release list we told you about earlier. contacted Nintendo upon noticing the omission, and was told that SSBB wasn't due out in Europe until after the second quarter of 2008. That means post June, for a game coming out in January in Japan and February in the US. Ouch. I would suggest that Europeans start shopping for a North American Wii, but apparently we don't have any. I really feel for you folks across the pond right now. The comment section is here for you. Let it all out.

SSBB won't be out in Europe till after June 2008 []


    Man this sucks way for nintendo to screw over the loyal fans that kept the company alive during the gamecube geeneration. Only hope now is that Australia gets it own release date seperate from europe like we did with Animal Crossing!

    Nintendo need to understand we dont want your crappy rushed Mario Kart that is using half the assets from GCN title we want Brawl dammit!

    This suks balls,ive been waiting for SSBB 2 come out since they announced the nintendo wii ages ago.I gotta say..someone should get there arse kicked for this.Plus i bet they r gonna make it come out december next year.

    crap! what the hell? this game should of had a worldwide realease date!! if halo 3 can get one, why not smash brothers!

    Damn thats dodgy its out in Japan now and we still don't have a date?

    Nintendo, Australia doesn't need 4 other langauages and if its taking till march to translate an american copy think how long aussies and europeons are gonna have to cop it for!

    Well this is a kick in the gut. Time to gather up the signs and Sharpies. Picketing time!

    Seriously, these delays are just rediculously - I'm considering not even buying the game just because of the release date.
    Wasn't it originally going to be a launch title? :S I remember hearing about this game before knowing what the heck a "Wii" was. The time when jokes about how you've been "Wii-ing" for hours were still funny. Yes, just THAT long ago.

    Seriously Brawl should have been Nintendo's priority from day 1. It's probably the most anticipated game so far, everyone would have rushed out and bought a Wii if this was a launch title. Despite the fact the game looks awesome having to wait EVEN LONGER is just rediculous..

    Wow...Nintendo fails, once again. Nothing p1sses people off more than delaying a release date on an anticipated game. Why does Australia need a few extra months to release it? What do they need to change???

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