EverQuest 2 Devs Caught With Mitts In Cookie Jar

eq2logo.jpgIt's Christmas, which means now, more than any other time, it's vital to be nice, and not naughty. Why? Nice kids get presents! Naughty kids are approached by Santa in the dead of night and beaten black and blue with a cracked, bamboo cane. Which brings us to some Everquest 2 developers, who have been very, very naughty, as they've been caught breaking game rules in order to help out their in-game friends.

There are unsubstantiated rumours the developers mucked about with the game world itself, but as we just said, those are unsubstantiated. What's not up for debate is that the guild Unhallowed Triad, using buddies within the Sony Online Entertainment team, managed to get their characters shifted from the game's test server to the live servers, bringing with them some character rules and equipment not available to other players on the live servers.

Despite internal claims the act was sanctioned by SOE, it's a clear violation of the game's Terms of Service. And Everquest 2 players know it. No doubt there will be inquisitions, witchhunts and all manner of digital torch-burning within the community. Just don't act so surprised when applying the flames. Because really, when have a bunch of humans ever got together and there not been corruption? SOE caught red-handed: EQ2 Player / Dev relationship breached ethical boundaries [Massively]


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