Ex UK Xbox PR Had An Interesting Christmas Party

photocopy%20chimp.jpgRED is the PR outfit that helped launched the original Xbox in the UK. They also do work for big clients like Nokia and have assisted in marketing Windows Live. The relevance to Kotaku readers pretty much ends there, but I felt compelled to share this letter that the firm sent out to their local office building mates nonetheless. It regards some NSFW activities that followed a Christmas party. And it'll give you a little insight on the crazy world of PR behind the products we love...at least when co-workers unwittingly allow strangers into holiday parties.

From: Mark XXXX Sent: 14 December 2007 11:43 To: . All RED All Users Subject: Extra Curricular Activities

Good Morning Everyone,

This morning the Office Manager from Sthree (company that occupies the 2nd floor) informed me that last night two people were caught enjoying 'relations' on one of their desks. The member of staff from Sthree was working late and heard something going on around the corner, after deciding to investigate he discovered the couple having sex and to his astonishment they noticed that he had noticed, but decided to continue anyway. Once 'finished' the lady in high boots asked the member of staff if there was a toilet she could borrow. Classy!

Ok, this does raise a few questions. If a horny couple decided to enter the office from the street they would have had to get past the main street doors without a fob and into Sthree's offices without a fob, which is a bit tricky. Sthree's main reception door in situated in the main atrium and is always open. Therefore, there is a good chance that they were already in the building. The member of staff describes them as dressed casually, pretty much like we are dressed most days. Also they appeared to be under the influence of alcohol...oh, that's right we have a free bar on the 5th floor.

So, the message here is quite clear, please make sure you know who is coming in the door behind you, make sure you can trust your friends when they visit the bar and make sure all office staff have gone home!

If you're in the gaming business and have a crazy holiday party story, shoot it to my email [email protected] We can always remove names to protect the innocent. London PR outfit in sex-on-desk email shocker [theregister]


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