Facebook Games Are Popular, Much Like Facebook

Picture%203.pngWe all know Facebook is a big, thousand-tentacled octopus (a scary metaphor not to be confused with recent PS3 ads). But who knew its games were so successful? Since its first game launched only 90 days ago, Webs.com games have received a billion pageviews. They're simple titles that are casual gaming at its most casual level, focusing on connecting users within the social network setting (so much so, in fact, that they call themselves a "social media" company, not a game developer). And Webs.com's recently acquired rights to FightClub will probably only make them bigger...pending they overcome the clear marketing problem of no one being allowed to talk about the game. I said nothing, move along please (and see the full press release after the jump).

Webs.com Launches First Social Gaming Network, SGN Webs.com SGN Library has delivered nearly One Billion Page Views in 90 days; Today Acquired FightClub and has added Street Race to its Rapidly Growing Roster SILVER SPRING, Md., Dec. 6, 2007 — Webs.com (formerly Freewebs), the second largest web publisher in the world, today announces the introduction of its Social Gaming Network (SGN), the first gaming network designed exclusively for the development and integration of gaming into popular social networks, and the acquisition of the popular social network game FightClub.

The hugely successful game WarBook, the first game from SGN to launch on Facebook in August 2007, is now one of its most popular games. The SGN network will continue to leverage the power of the 'network effect' to build a library of games exclusively for social networks.

"Social gaming has a different emotional connection to the online world because of the incredibly viral nature of social networks. There is a totally different gaming experience - competing against friends or colleagues and comparing your rank in the broad social network - that is driving the enormous pick up of games like WarBook and Super Snake, in a way no other game has seen without powerful brands behind them," says Shervin Pishevar, president of Webs.com. "With today's acquisition of FightClub, we intend to build on this 'network effect' and the extraordinary growth rates they deliver, and will continue to make great strides in this space as we become the leading developer and publisher for social networks."

Social gaming rapidly is becoming the top application on all social networks, appealing to a broad audience and offering a high level of engagement. Social gaming is a new kind of gaming experience - a viral phenomenon, fuelled by friends inviting friends to play a game - and is having an unbelievable impact on the gaming industry, one which is set to continue to grow.

Webs.com is committed to providing consumers the best social gaming experience with its library of specialist games. This month, Street Race has been added to its current arsenal of games, which includes Blocky, launched in November, WarBook, the most active game by page views and the third largest game by users on Facebook, and Super Snake.

Exclusive: Webs.com comes out of nowhere [mercurynews]


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