Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini Figs Arrive

ffiv_mini_trading_arts_w.jpg For those of you looking for some last minute little holiday gifts of the Final Fantasy sort, the new set of Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini Figs have arrived on SCSX. Figures will be sold by the case for $US 39.99 plus shipping. Each case contains nine figures in "blind boxes" but NCSX claims that each one will contain a complete set of figures plus three duplicates. It might be iffy actually getting these in time for the holiday, but a late Final Fantasy figure set is better than no Final Fantasy figure set. NCSX's description of the figures made me laugh...

Six recognisable characters are featured in the set including the ebon-armored Cain Highwood, the gruff Cid Pollendina, and the strangely effeminate Cecil Harvey.

Strangely effeminate? Doesn't that pretty much sum up every male Final Fantasy character ever created?

Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini Fig Set [NCSX, thanks Jeremy]


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