Finally A Shark Gun For The Wii

sharkgunfront.jpgSo you've got yourself a Wii for Christmas, and you've managed to snag the system's best games, maybe a controller sleeve or one of those nifty charging cradles, but one thing still bothers you. Where the hell's the shark gun? Here the hell's the shark gun. $US 10.86 at DealExtreme snags you the Paga Shark Light Gun for the Wii, finally adding the "True Experience" of pointing a shark at your television, just like the U.S. Military. Just slip the Wiimote up top, plug the nunchuk (also named mushroom head?) into the shark's anus and you are good to go! Marine sodomy has never been so much fun!

sharkguninstructions.jpgAs you can see, I wasn't making up the mushroom head thing. In case you were wondering why you would need a shark-shaped light gun for your Wii, the answer is right there, plain as day.

"With lively appearance and smooth lines, shark gun makes you feel comfortable, and give you a strong sense of shark-like invincible force."

It kinda sounds like Cake lyrics if you space it out just right. I don't even know why I am still typing. You've already all left to order yourself one of these. Just remember, "This product shouldbe put in the dranghty and rentilafect no matter being used or leave unused." Or else.

Pega Shark Light Gun for Wii [DealExtreme - Thanks Andy!]


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