First Look At Star Trek Online

star_trek_online_1st.jpgThe official Star Trek Online forums were host to a visual treat for fans yesterday, as Perpetual Entertainment's Mike Stemmle presented the first real screenshot of the MMO. The story lead explained, in detail, STO's Interaction System which "controls every non-combat, player-to-NPC interaction in the game." Whether you're negotiating with alien species, beaming from ship to shore or responding to distress calls, the Interaction System is where you'll be pointing and clicking your mouse. That rather mundane stuff is hard to read when one's picking about the minutiae of a screencap featuring an alien ambassador of (personally) unknown origin. Sure, it may look more Voyager than TOS, but that doesn't mean we won't have fun going where no MMO player has gone before.

An even bigger, better pic awaits you at the official forums.

STO DevLog 5.0 - "Interactions in Action" [Star Trek Online via Shacknews]


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