First Look At Street Fighter IV Coming Thursday?

street_fighter_iv_logo.jpgAccording to Next-Gen's blog, Capcom may be revealing a bit more of the recently announced Street Fighter IV this Thursday, including exactly how the game will look. How will the company show it off? Presumably via EGM magazine, by way of 1UP. The current issue of EGM teases in its closing comments "We're kicking off our first issue of the new year with a cover story so epic, we can't even tell you about it", signing off with a roman numeral three that looks suspiciously like it belongs in a Street Fighter logo. 1UP writes today that "you won't be disappointed" by the new EGM cover it will reveal on December 6th. Coincidence? Doubt it!

Uh oh. That's the day the new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer hits the web. Time to bring in some reserve internets.

Street Fighter IV Info Coming This Week [Next-Gen] Save the Date: 1UP Coverage You Can't Miss [1UP]


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