Folklore Fans Find Something Under The Christmas Tree

folklore_xmas.jpgI'm a sucker for holiday themed timed events and downloadable content, so Sony releasing an add-on pack for Folklore replete with Christmas-y outfits ensures I'll dedicate the hardware space. I may even run out and buy Folklore at some point! Yes, it's that enticing. The details on main characters Ellen and Keats holiday get ups are at the official PlayStation blog, but for those unwilling to venture out of the Kotaku fort, the deal is this—a snow bunny outfit for the lady, a fantastically and fashionably ironic reindeer sweater for the gentleman.

In addition to those the new togs, a new quest for Keats dubbed "Holy Night Visitor" and a new Folk that goes by the name Grab Bag—it's a gaping mouthed present with legs—will also come with your download. Not bad!

A Holiday Gift to All Folklore Fans! []


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