Frankenreview, Geometry Wars: Galaxies (DS)

61rSr58bGAL._SS400_.jpgWith the lacklustre releases this week, and considering the reviewers were a bit behind on this title, I figured, what the hell, let's do a Franken on Geometry Wars: Galaxies for the NIntendo DS. The promise of a pocketable version of one of the most addictive arcade titles in recent history alone would have been great. But since Galaxies DS provides a whole universe (OK, maybe just several galaxies worth) of entertainment, we have high expectations for this little portable.

So how was it? Hit the jump for our Frankenreview and find out: 5 muffin tops ready for ingestion.graphwars.jpgIGN You'll notice some slowdown issues when things get hectic, and the techno audio and sound effects often fight, having audio levels not always equalized as we'd like them...[but]the colours are still bright, however, and these remain to be some of the best particle effects we've seen on Nintendo's handheld, so while DS is the smallest piece of technology Geometry Wars has ever existed on, it still hold on to the spirit of the game very well.

OBS2%20copy—screenshot_large-1.jpgGameDaily You move your ship with the D-pad while touching parts of the screen to direct your line of fire. You can also use the face buttons for directional fire, if you prefer a more "old-school" method of play, ala Robotron 2084. The shoulder buttons activate whatever bombs you may need — and you'll definitely need them. Messing around with both the D-pad and the touch-screen takes getting used to, but it's a surprisingly functional control scheme.

Gamespy Called "geoms," Galaxies' widgets are the game's most interesting gameplay shift...Anytime you kill an enemy with your gun, or your drone kills an enemy, the enemy drops a small yellow geom. Geom gathering forces rethinks of classical circle-strafe Geometry Wars tactics. Various stages filled with walls, mazes and other strangeness will also force you to rethink your routes, but the geoms demand that you actually go, and go quickly, right where you've cleared some enemies

OBS2%20copy—screenshot_large.jpgGamesRadar Fans will notice a significant drop in the amount of cursing and angry restarts that follow deaths. After you die, extra Geoms to unlock new levels or Drones are waiting for you in the menu, and leveling up your collection of Drones or testing your skills in some of the more challenging levels breaks through the monotony of its predecessors one-level grind.

Gamer 2.0 Geometry Wars: Galaxies is the definition of portable fun. Are the graphics great? No. Is the sound revolutionary? Probably not. Does the game make use of online play? No to that as well. But the bottom line here is that it gets the job done and it does what handheld games are essentially supposed to do.

Anyone pick it up yet? What do you think?


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