From Snow Pirate To Storm Shadow

stormshadow.jpgSure, everyone is hanging on the edge of their seats for the latest Street Fighter movie casting news, but where's the GI Joe love? Look no further than the SF company itself, Capcom, who in a recent blog post revealed that Korean-born Japanese TV star Byun-hung Lee would be playing Cobra ninja Storm Shadow in the upcoming live action film, opposite Ray Park's Snake Eyes.

Lee is a familiar face to Lost Planet fans, as said face was the model for the snow pirate mech pilot. He has also starred in various films, including Joint Security Area - one of the top grossing Korean films of all time - and the upcoming I Come With The Rain, starring alongside Josh Hartnett and Casey Jones. An interesting choice of actor, though I just can't see him in the role. Get it? Ninja humor. Just laugh. They're watching.

Yo, Wayne! Lost Planet superstar signed to GI Joe movie [Capcom US - The Blog]


    He's Korean.

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