Funde Razor: I Am My Own Roadie

IM001809.JPGWow, just wow. Yesterday's local Child's Play fund raiser was truly a humbling experience. I drove down to Denver about 2ish to unload all of the schwag (including donations from Mark and Joel) and then figure out how exactly to split the signal from an Xbox 360 so it could go into a house sound system, a ceiling mounted video projector and an off-stage television.

We finally got the whole thing figured out and tested about ten minutes before doors were set to open at 6 p.m. Five minutes after six I was still standing in an open room, starting to think that perhaps I had over estimated the interest in a local Child's Play fund raiser... but then the booking manager came up and asked if she should start letting people in.

"People? You mean there are people?"

Turns out there was a line, a line that didn't really dissipate until closer to when the event ended at 10 p.m. In fact at one point they had to stop letting people in because we had exceeded the 142 fire code capacity for the back room... by a lot I suspect.

Attendees included members of the local Game Developers Association, people from the local studios (I talked to people from SOE Denver and NetDevil and suspect Idol Minds was in the house as well) and a lot more readers then I had thought would make it. One couple drove the 100 miles or so from Pueblo to attend, even getting a room for the night in Denver. Wow.

The entire night was spent watching people up on stage playing Rock Band, something that never seems to get old, especially when a light system and concert sound is involved. There were some amazing singers, guitarists and drummers there last night, including not a few expert level players.

I ended up giving out the schwag over the course of the event, and even got a few on-site donations of stuff from Game Daily and Dave Thomas (who snuck a free copy of the Videogame Style Guide into his donation). About 9 p.m. I gave away that amazingly cuddly Companion Cube, but not before giving it a big hug. (For the record Luke, I did not have sex with that Companion Cube.)

The winner, Mike Kappus, of Broomfield, took to the stage and admitted he had no idea what a Companion Cube was, and then shouted out to the audience that he would sell it to the first taker for $US 50, which he wanted to go to the fund raiser. The first-taker, Erik Rieger, of Denver, ended up giving $US 80 to Child's Play and then hoisted it above his head with a bit of a maniacal look in his eyes... I told him that the cake was in the other room and we all had a good laugh.

It was a good time for a good cause and I can't thank the people who came enough for helping to make this happen. Thanks again to Robert Workman for the donations, taking pictures for me and helping out on the stage and to the NetDevil folks for donating a ton of LEGOs, which were shipped direct to Brooklyn for Joel's Funde Razor.

I'll be posting an update later today with the final amount raised from the Denver event and more photos, but we definitely topped $US 1000. Joel tells me his Brooklyn event blew away past Funde Razors.

PS. Send any pics you may have taken at the event and we'll add them to our gallery.

Big, big thanks to Phillip, Robert and others for the snaps!

Funde Razor


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