Fury Goes Completely Free With Dec 14 Content Update

auranlogo.jpgCome the Age of the Chosen update on December 14, players of Auran’s hack’n’slash MMO Fury will be given the option to play the game minus the monthly subscription fee.

According to the release, the free mode, called “Chosen”, will give players access to all game types, weapons and abilities. Chosen however will gain gold and essence at a reduced rate and will be unable to swap goods with other players.

If a player is willing to spend a bit of cash, an upgraded “Hero” mode is available that will increase the gold and essence gather rate. Players are also free to buy gold from Auran directly.

This news however is foreshadowed by this grim statement from Auran CEO Tony Hilliam, included with the release Kotaku Australia received from the company:

We will then have some bad news to follow (unless a miracle occurs), but there will be a very positive end to the week.

A mixed message if I ever saw one, especially considering the events of earlier today.

If you’d like to shape your own opinion of events (which I encourage you to do) check out the full release after the jump.


Age of the Chosen Free Content Update

Cockpit, Austin, TX – December 10, 2007 – Gamecock Media Group and Auran Games today announced a new Free to Download, Free to Play option for their fast paced arena combat game FURY. The new business model will begin with the release of the first major free content update “Age of the Chosen” on December 14, 2007.

“FURY was built around giving players options that suit their play style and their wallet,” said Tony Hilliam, CEO of Auran. “With the AotC update, we are introducing a new player category called “Chosen”. As one of the Chosen, players can access all game types, equip all weapons and unlock all 400 abilities – and they can play as much as they like absolutely free. This is a fantastic opportunity for players to jump into battle with their mates and discover the frenetic pace of the fastest RPG combat ever. Chosen will earn less gold and essence, and will not be able to trade with other players.”

“Chosen players can purchase game gold from the FURY store or upgrade to “Hero” status to earn more Essence and Gold. Retail stores sell the “Hero” status pack, along with a free month of “Immortal” status, so this is $30 value for the new price of $19.99 (in US stores). As a Hero or Immortal players can unlock abilities faster and purchase better gear, but the matchmaker then ensures they are playing against other players of similar skill and rank.”

FURY: Age of the Chosen is a massive free content update that introduces two new game types aimed at the new player. “Carnage” throws two teams into battle with the aim of returning blood tokens to their base faster than their opposition. Blood tokens are gained from killing bots, not other players, so the action is indirect competition rather than head to head. The 1v1 Elimination game type means games will spawn faster and matches are more evenly balanced.

For more on FURY, visit www.unleashthefury.com. Also, be sure and visit http://www.unleashthefury.com/ageofthechosen/ for information on the Age of the Chosen update and new business model.

About Auran
Established in 1995, Auran is one of Australia’s largest and most respected game developers. Boasting an 80 strong international development team, Auran is currently working on three titles; the world leading Trainz Railroad Simulator, now in its 6th Edition with more than 1 million copies sold; BattleStar Galactica for XBLA; and Fury, the innovative PvP MMO game that is set to revolutionize the world of competitive online gaming.

About Gamecock Media Group
Based in Austin, Texas, Gamecock Media Group offers a welcome solution to the bloated and originality-starved video game industry. A well-funded, independent, artist-driven company, Gamecock favors the most innovative and original video game developers in the industry. Publishing games for all platforms, Gamecock offers its developers a high degree of participation, freedom and financial incentives, allowing them to perform and create to their utmost ability. For more, please visit www.gamecockmedia.com.


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