Future Fury Updates To Bring Crafting, Improved Tutorial

furyleft.jpgAuran has just fired out a new press release regarding the Dec 14 Age of the Chosen update for its MMO Fury. According to release, the 1v1 mode introduced with the update has proved the most popular.

We asked online producer Paul White for some additional info on what Auran has planned for Fury going forward:

At the moment we are tweaking following the Age of the Chosen update (some fixes went in on Tuesday, more next week) and also working on an improved tutorial (existing tutorial is boring and too text heavy) and additional features like crafting and gametypes.

Crafting? Looks like Fury may be borrowing ideas from its more PvE-orientated competitors. Before this can happen however, Auran wants to focus on making the game as solid as possible:

Our first priority is to ensure the game is stable and fun and then add more content and features in. Whilst I cannot give you an exact date when each of these things will be available I would expect them to start appearing early next year.

Despite the disappointing news surrounding Auran from last week, the company is still breathing.

The release, which can find after the jump, doesn’t contain much more than this. It does mention that the game saw “record numbers” of new players when the Age of Chosen update went live, but Auran has not specified exact figures.

“FURY” Free2Play, Age of the Chosen Goes Live!

Brisbane, Australia – December 19, 2007

Auran successfully released their first free content update the Age of the Chosen on December 14. Record numbers of players logged on, created avatars and fought in the new war zones.

“The 1v1 dueling arenas were the most popular game of the week, closely followed by Bloodbath Training Grounds and then the new Carnage PvPvE war zone, “ said Tony Hilliam, Auran CEO. “The feedback from players was that performance had improved considerably, and the new item system kept the forums busy all week.”

With a major focus on ease of use, accessibility and fun, the Age of the Chosen update extends FURY game with new features and major improvements including:

• 1v1 Dueling arenas
• New Carnage PvPvE game type
• Incarnation Testing Arena
• Major Equipment Improvements
• Updated Tutorial
• Revised Sanctuary Zones
• Improved Interface
• Enhanced Performance
• and much more

In addition, the Age of the Chosen brings a new Free to Download, Free to Play option to FURY. For the first time, players can download FURY and play free forever. As Chosen, players can learn every ability, use any items, battle in all 6 game types, and experience all of the fun FURY has to offer. They can then choose to upgrade to “hero” status buying the retail box or purchasing the game online.

To see the full list of changes the update brings check out http://www.unleashthefury.com/index.php/fury/news/patch_notes_14_december_2007_age_of_the_chosen/.

To download FURY and get straight into the action visit http://www.unleashthefury.com/free2play/.

The latest updates and happenings in the world of FURY can always be found at http://www.unleashthefury.com


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